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New Year, New Career: Why You Should Consider Franchising For Your Next Career Change

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December 17, 2021

According to various stats and surveys, millions of employees plan to switch jobs at the turn of the new year. The reasons for these developments vary from career advancement to employee-related benefits. Some employees want a better work-life balance, some are looking for higher pay, and some are looking to do something more fulfilling.

Whatever the reasons, franchising can be a good option for your next career change.


So, what is franchising?

Franchising is a type of business investment that allows you to distribute products or services using an already established brand’s trademark, branding, and intellectual property.

The owner of the business system, the franchisor, grants you a license to engage in their business activities. You have to sign a contract and pay a royalty fee for approval to use the company’s consolidated brand.

Franchising is ideal for those who want to invest in a new venture but do not want to manage the associated risks of starting a business or have no idea how to start.

An example of a popular franchise business is McDonald’s, which has several branches globally owned by individuals (franchisees). Another example to consider is Tutor Doctor, an education franchise with over 300 locations in 16 countries.


Why consider franchising?

Like any other business system, franchising has its upsides and downsides. However, the advantages outweigh the drawbacks, making it a popular choice for anyone who wants to change or advance their career.

With that said, here are the top reasons you should consider franchising for your next career change:


1. Low risks

Every business has its fair share of risks. However, the risks of investing in a franchise are lowered as you’re executing on a proven business model. This business model covers operations, financial management, marketing and more.

2. Established brand recognition

Franchising offers you the benefit of working with an already established brand. You do not have to create a brand identity from scratch since the business is probably well-known in the area. If venturing into new markets, the franchisor will help promote your business by providing various marketing tools, like Tutor Doctor’s marketing and sales support.


3. Market-tested products and services

You do not have to take chances when joining a franchise since you will be dealing with market-tested products and services. Whatever you are offering in your business is of the same quality as the ones provided by the franchisor.


4. Established customer base

Another great advantage of franchising is that you do not have to look for customers. After all, you will be dealing with a recognized brand that has built its clientele base over the years. An established customer base means faster growth and maximum profitability within a short time.


5. Training and support

The chances of failing as a franchisee are minimal. In any case, most franchisors offer operational guidance, financial planning, and other relevant support to new franchisees to help them manage their businesses. You do not have to worry about what products or services to sell or how to brand your enterprise. You can learn more about aspects of the Tutor Doctor’s launch support and training here.


6. Helpful marketing tools

Once you invest in a franchise, you will receive various premium tools such as customized web pages, an optimized website, local listings, marketing materials and more to promote your franchise in your community. In addition, you will have marketing experts at the franchisor level to advise and support you.


7. Work-life balance

A regular 9-5 job can take its toll on your productivity and quality of life. It is challenging to balance work and your everyday life if you are a full-time employee due to your busy schedule. Investing in a franchise can change all that since it gives you complete control over your schedule.


8. Learn new skills

You may have a passion for a particular venture, but you do not have the necessary expertise to pursue and harness it to its full potential. Franchising is an exciting opportunity to learn and develop new skills in your area of interest. Your franchisor may recommend the appropriate training you can undertake to learn and develop the necessary skills.


9. Make a difference in your community

If you have always wanted to make a difference and improve your community, franchising is your chance to do so. After all, many people invest in franchises to address issues affecting their communities. Franchising also creates new businesses for the local community, subsequently improving the economy of the area. It also promotes the sale of local products and services, making a difference in the community.


10. Support network

When you join a franchise, you can be sure you are not alone. Most franchises consist of a broad network of franchisees located across the country and globe. You can always ask for whatever kind of help and advice you need from your fellow franchisees. Your franchisor wants you to succeed, and they can also be helpful in various circumstances. In any case, they don’t want to tarnish the name of their brand if you close shop.


Ready to take the next step?

If you’re looking to make a career change and impact the lives of students in your community, then Tutor Doctor may be right for you. Investing in a franchise like Tutor Doctor offers you the chance to enjoy the benefits of an already established brand. We are an education franchise with over 300 locations in 16 countries.


Contact us if you want to learn more about our services and be part of our success story.





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