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March 4, 2021

Millennials — born between 1981 and 1996 according to Pew Research — have what it takes to own their own businesses. And Tutor Doctor might be the perfect franchise opportunity for millennials who want to take advantage of their education, help people and be their own bosses.


It’s an Education Franchise

It’s no secret millennials know a thing or two about education. You are the most educated generation which gives you a leg up when you franchise with Tutor Doctor. Millennials have an in-depth knowledge of academic systems because many of you have experienced them first-hand. After all, today’s ACT or SAT are a lot more similar to the tests conducted 15 years ago, that you took, than the ones administered in the 70s or 80s.

Even if your degree or background isn’t in education, you have insight to the academic systems Tutor Doctor students are experiencing and trying to succeed in. Millennials know about the increasingly competitive academic landscape, increased stress on students and the pressures of living in a such a technology-centered world. You’ve invested a lot in your education and learned a lot about the way things work; franchising with Tutor Doctor is one way for you to utilize the knowledge you’ve gained while escaping the corporate grind.

You Have the Chance to Help People

Franchising with Tutor Doctor could be your way to have a career that makes a difference. Our franchisees are directly responsible for the success of students worldwide. We consistently hear from our students and parents that our unique, one-to-one tutoring makes a positive impact on students, even beyond the classroom. That is because Tutor Doctor is dedicated to serving the whole student. Our wide lens means each tutor and franchisee are making a difference in the lives of their students every single day.

You Can Set Your Own Schedule

As a tutoring franchise owner, you will get to be in charge of your own schedule — which will give you more power over your entire life. Many millennials have young families with needs that change at the drop of a hat. All parents have gotten the call to come pick up a sick kid or that someone forgot their big science project at home. Don’t spend more of these precious years squeezing in school activities on a 30-minute lunch break.

Setting your own schedule as a franchise owner allows you to make the most of parenthood, but even for millennials who aren’t parents, the freedom provided by franchise ownership has perks. Having more control of your day-to-day schedule will allow you to make more time for the important relationships in your life, especially during a time when calendars are harder to coordinate than ever. Business ownership gives you the opportunity to plan weekday lunch dates with friends, show up to your nieces and nephews school events and be at every family function. The ability to set your own schedule gives you more time for your life beyond your career.

Tutor Doctor is Relatively Low-Cost

Tutor Doctor is an attainable franchise opportunity for millennials partially due to our relatively low costs. The estimated initial investment starts at $84,295. The fact that Tutor Doctor is low cost means that even if you are earlier in your career, you could have the means to start your own business and enjoy the benefits of owning your own tutoring franchise.

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