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Why Personalized Tutoring Is The Future In a Post-Covid World

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March 10, 2022

As the pandemic gradually trickles to an end, families and schools are making every effort to recover from the learning loss of their students. That's why recommendations from organizations like the Global Education Evidence Advisory Panel (GEEAP) are in place to provide proper learning recovery guidelines. This comes in the wake of persistent disruption and damage to students' learning process caused by the Covid-19 pandemic across many countries.

These drastic changes in society have necessitated the need for alternative ways in which students can continue catching up on learning in a post-pandemic world. Crowded classrooms and learning group settings isn’t cutting it for parents anymore. More families are looking for solutions that cater to their children’s unique needs, and are turning to services like Tutor Doctor who provide one-to-one, personalized tutoring support. These services are making a positive impact for students who are concerned about their futures.  For this reason, personalized tutoring services are projected to grow in the coming years. Read on to learn why now is the best time to invest in a private tutoring franchise.


1. Private Tutoring is the Real Deal

Millions of people the world over are increasingly finding ways to make their lives better in the hope of seeing the pandemic come to an end. Even the learning process is slowly going back to how it was before the pandemic became widespread. 

However private tutoring seems to be one of the top solutions to helping learners catch up with the lost time. As a tutoring provider, you can use this opportunity to help students catch up with their academic curriculum. 

Private tutoring programs are proving to be more effective than group tutoring centres and asynchronous online programs. This is because they ensure consistent implementation of the learning and tutoring curriculum. So, if you're looking to venture deeper into providing tutoring services, this is the right time to get started. 


2. A Good Investment

Compared to traditional classroom learning, professional tutor models and personalized tutoring is a relatively good investment with higher returns. Therefore, you should consider these options for a potential scale-up in a post-Covid world. 

With flexibility of lessons and customized payment plans, one-to-one tutoring is becoming more accessible and recognized as a feasible investment for most families. Many parents in both developed and developing countries are focusing more on personalized tutoring than the traditional classroom learning process. Schools and governments in countries such as the United Kingdom, United States, and Canada are investing in tutoring. With the increasing demand for personalized tutoring now and in the future, you stand a great chance to showcase your tutoring services in a post-covid world.


3. Exerts Strong Positive Learning Effects

As programs scale-up and many learners switch to private tutoring, personalized tutoring may provide the ultimate solution to post-Covid-19 learning. It may also exert some positive learning effects on different program characteristics and diverse student populations. 

Personalized tutoring will further help overcome challenges and issues that inevitably emerge when handling large-scale social programs in a traditional class learning setup. Plus, in-person tutoring is poised to maintain powerful effects on internet-based learning when dealing with students in different regions. 

After all, the integration of computer-assisted learning is designed to offer more scalable approaches to personalized tutoring. This new form of learning assistance makes personalized tutoring a longer-term trend toward enhancing education technology.


4. Increases Engagement

In-person and online tutoring can enhance the learning process and promote a one-on-one engagement between tutors and learners. This future post-covid learning trend allows students to interact directly with you and with the learning material.

Through increased engagement, students can freely ask questions, contribute to the subject matter at hand, and feel free to express themselves. In return, you will understand each student’s behavior and learning abilities. 


Have You Considered Opening a Private Tutoring Franchise Yet?

Personalized tutoring provides the ultimate solution to frequent school interruptions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. So, with the widespread growing interest in learning amid the pandemic, a Tutor Doctor franchise will help eliminate geographical barriers, bridge learning gaps, and engage different students individually.  Contact us today to learn more about how you can own a franchise using our low-cost model.

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