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Why a Home-Based Franchise Will Grant You Freedom and Flexibility

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April 24, 2023

If you want freedom and flexibility, a home-based franchise offers more benefits than brick-and-mortar businesses. 

When you invest in a home-based franchise, you will have a long-term and lucrative business offering career satisfaction. Advancements in modern technology allow virtual communications that reduce feelings of isolation, promote collaboration, and ensure you can run your business from anywhere.

Here are reasons why a home-based franchise will grant you freedom and flexibility.


Minimal Start-Up Costs

Home-based franchises are easy to start because they require less capital than a traditional business. 

This makes them an ideal choice for entrepreneurs who are on a budget. Aside from the initial costs of purchasing the franchise, you will only pay for your typical home amenities as part of your monthly costs to start.

Home-based franchises can typically have a lower entry fee making them more affordable. Reducing many of the costs that can be incurred with other businesses, working from home allows you many cost-related benefits.


Enjoy Working from Home

Working from home gives you the best of both worlds. You can use your entrepreneurial skills to earn your income and, at the same time, enjoy the benefits of working from the comfort of your home. With franchising, your business life can be high-energy or low-key based on your needs. 

Another benefit of working from home is that you tailor your working environment to suit your needs. You dictate your work environment by ensuring lighting, climate, and equipment are right for you. It allows you to have a comfortable working space, resulting in maximum productivity. 


Eliminate the Commute

Commuting is stressful and time-consuming for most workers. According to The Global Survey of Working Arrangements report, people who work from home regain two hours daily for not commuting to and from work.

One of the driving factors for why people shift to a home-based franchise is that they want to do away with the duration and frustrations of commuting. Investing in a home-based franchise like Tutor Doctor will eliminate this experience from your working life. 

You will also save money on parking, rail tickets, and fuel. Skipping the commute can save you time and money, making the reasons for investing in a home-based franchise business much more compelling.


Flexibility: Work Where and When You Want

With Tutor Doctor, you will become your own boss. You won’t have to report to any location, and you will determine your working hours and schedule. 

Time is money, and a home-based franchise will help you maximize both. This approach allows franchise owners the freedom to spend time with their families and make significant progress toward self-employment.

A home-based franchise can help if you have a family or responsibilities requiring your attention. You will be free to make personal appointments and errands because you can make up for it by working at times that suit your lifestyle.


Receive Tax Benefits

Working from home can offset numerous expenses throughout your business. 

Some countries allow people to claim expenses for home working. You may be able to reclaim the money if you buy office equipment for your home office, which makes home-based franchises cost-effective. 

You may also have an opportunity to claim a tax rebate for using essential utilities such as electricity costs.


Manage A Work/Life Balance

Balancing a successful career and attending to your home duties is challenging. But with a home-based franchise, you can establish a work/life balance that will suit your needs. This benefits parents with younger children because they will spend more time with them and attend to their work.

A home-based franchise gives you control over your business. Thus you can choose your marketing strategies, manage your inventory and set your prices. This level of control empowers you because you can balance your work and family life.


Experience the Benefits of Working From Home

If you like the idea of being your own boss and having the flexibility to take care of your commitments, look no further than Tutor Doctor. We'd love to hear about you and your background to see if you may be a great fit for this business.

Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of being an entrepreneur? Please reach out to learn more about the Tutor Doctor Opportunity!

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