What it Takes to Become a Franchisee

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May 6, 2021

There’s a lot to consider when searching for the perfect franchise opportunity. While you’re likely taking inventory of everything each franchise has to offer, that’s not the only piece of the puzzle. To find the franchise that’s right for you, it’s important to reflect on what skills and qualities you bring to your business. Afterall, it is your business. You want to choose the one that best suits your personality and experience.

Every franchise has a specific list of qualifications they look for in an owner, but there are some that are generally the same across the board. We’ve compiled a list of qualities you’ll need to thrive in most any franchise system to help you decide if franchise ownership is right for you.


You are driven.


First and foremost, you’ll need to have an entrepreneurial spirit. The majority of franchises are not turnkey solutions with a “set it and forget it” system. Owning a business requires hard work, but you’re up to the challenge.


When you invest in a franchise, you’re making a commitment to yourself and to your business. You’re the kind of person who takes responsibility seriously and has the leadership skills necessary to build a reliable team around you. The thought of being a boss doesn’t scare you, it excites you!


You are business minded.


When you start a franchise, you’ll be starting a small business. While your franchisor will be there to support you with training and resources, you’ll still need to possess a keen business sense that will help you navigate the challenges of business ownership. A background in operations, sales, marketing or another business-related field will help you start your franchise on the right foot.


If you have technical expertise in a specific trade, like landscaping or pest control, you may want to explore options in these industries. Many of these franchises will provide you with extensive franchise training to help you learn the business side of the franchise.


You Are Willing to Follow Systems


Franchises provide you with a roadmap that enables you to build a business of your own. These proven systems are in place to give you the best chance at success, so it’s important that you’re willing to follow them.


A good franchisor will always be open to feedback and suggestions from their franchise owners. Some franchises even have advisory boards made up of franchisees who represent you, as an owner, and work to make continuous improvements to the business. When speaking with a prospective franchisor, ask them how they collaborate with franchisees. This will tell you a lot about the business.


What it Takes to Become a Tutor Doctor Franchisee


Tutor Doctor franchisees aren’t just any business owners. Our group of driven, compassionate franchisees share many qualities that make them a great fit for our tutoring franchise. To help you determine if Tutor Doctor is right for you, we’ve outlined must-have traits you’ll need to thrive in our system.


You want to make a difference.


Your personal and professional goals have a huge impact on what kind of franchise you want to be a part of. To start a tutoring business, you should have the desire to make a difference in the lives of students and their families.


Many of our franchisees say the most rewarding aspect of their business is the impact our tutoring services have on students. As many students fall behind due to full-time remote learning, the need for individualized attention is greater than ever. This gap in the education system not only gives you the opportunity to help students, but also provides you with potential clients.


You are entrenched in your community.


One of the best ways to let your community know your tutoring franchise is open for business is by being a part of that community! Our franchisees aren’t afraid to put themselves out there to bring attention to their local business. This could mean anything from networking to sponsoring a local little league team. If you already have connections in your community, starting up your business will be a little easier.


You are motivated to grow.


We love go-getters. As a tutoring franchise owner, you’ll be an entrepreneur. That means you’ll need to have a great work ethic and a desire to make the most out of your business.


Whether you want to start small with a local territory or are ready to invest in multiple territories from the start, Tutor Doctor offers options for you. Our Empire Builder Program enables you to purchase multiple territories simultaneously so that you have guaranteed room to grow.


Does this sound like you?


If while you were reading this you thought, “Hey, that sounds like me!”, then you might be a great fit for our tutoring franchise opportunity. The beginning to any great relationship between franchisee and franchisor starts with a simple conversation. To get started, contact our team!



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