Trevor Bailey Goes from Finance to Franchising

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May 20, 2021

When Trevor Bailey came across the Tutor Doctor opportunity, he immediately felt connected to our cause. A former fund manager turned business owner, Trevor left his senior position at a large corporation to join us in our mission to help students all across the world.

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Trevor felt confident in his ability to grow his education franchise thanks to his extensive background in finance and operations. His business senses told him that Tutor Doctor was a smart investment in a sustainable sector, and his experience as a parent drove his desire to help students. As a father of three, he understands the struggles the education system presents and works to help students be the best they can be.


Read on to learn more about Trevor and his experience with the Tutor Doctor franchise.


Tutor Doctor: What drew you to the Tutor Doctor brand? Are those still motivating factors in growing your business?  

Trevor Bailey: Tutor Doctor is a strong international business in a sustainable sector, but most importantly, it promises to change children’s lives. Being a parent of 3 children, I know the struggles of working with a flawed education system. Here was a solution that I could be part of.


I am still motivated by the above, however, in addition to that, there is nothing more rewarding than positive feedback from parents and tutors who have benefited from their relationship with us. Referrals are the ongoing reward.


TD: What are some of your favorite things about owning a Tutor Doctor franchise?

TB: Being part of a positive, supportive team which constantly brings innovation and journeys with you along the path to success. The best practice structures, standards and systems give you a huge head start on what would have been years of trial and error. As mentioned above, changing students’ lives is a driving force. Following the path laid before you will almost certainly set you up for success, both financially and personally.


TD: We know that business ownership presents some challenges. What have been your biggest challenges?

TB: Operating in a world that is experiencing unprecedented times where one-on-one, face-to-face engagement was outlawed, and several potential clients who loved what we do and wanted to come onboard were restricted from doing so due to their current financial hardship (lost jobs and pay cuts). This was not specific to Tutor Doctor, in fact Tutor Doctor was quick to pivot and lessen the potential pain of franchisees.


TD: Speaking of changes that have occurred over the past year or so, how does your Tutor Doctor franchise incorporate tech and online learning?

TB: We are a big proponent of using our business management tool to its maximum capacity. It is an excellent system that is both simple and effective. The constant communication hub that flows out to our clients, tutors and education consultants ensures that everyone is always in the loop. All new education consultants must first attend the online training through Tutor Doctor university before they can join the team. Quality standards are critical to our longevity.


TD: In your opinion, what skills are vital to success for a franchisee in your system? Did a previous career help you hone those skills?

TB: I came out of a corporate career in financial and fund management roles. My MBA and extensive business experience proved helpful. With regards to what skills are critical to success, I would say entrepreneurial, finance, sales, relationship-building and human resources skills would be a good overall advantage. Most people do not have this to start with, so they either bring in the missing skill through partnership or recruitment, or they must learn it quickly.


The Tutor Doctor launch support and training gives you enough of a base in all of these areas to get you going. The most important attribute to have, I would say, is grit, which also happens to be a company value. It is that dogged determination to keep on going when obstacles arise with the belief that you will overcome them and succeed.


TD: How has your lifestyle changed now that you own a Tutor Doctor franchise?

TB: I can now work from home with flexible hours and a lot less travelling. This allows me to spend quality time with my family, while still operating a successful business. I am also planning to bring my wife into the business during 2021 as I scale it up significantly.


TD: Can you describe your average day in the life?

TB: Most days start with a quick review of the previous day’s session reports over a cup of coffee. This gives me a finger on the pulse of client and tutor relationships. Thereafter, my days vary quite significantly, depending on what the priority is for that day, which would have been planned out the previous day. Highest priority is following up on leads received, as this is the oxygen of the business.


The second is ensuring any client issues are addressed immediately. If any new clients were enrolled the previous day, tutors on file would be matched, and if there wasn’t an appropriate match, an external one would be sourced. Business building generally takes place in the afternoon. This involves marketing, seeking out new opportunities and training tutors/ECs.


Admin would take up the rest of the time: responding to emails, making payments, preparing financial accounts, responding to Tutor Doctor head office requirements. There is a weekly global team call with TD HO, which are extremely beneficial, and we have regional meetings with local franchisees every two weeks. We also have ongoing business coaching meetings every two weeks with our Launch Support Specialist.


TD: How do you think you embody the Tutor Doctor spirit and values?

TB: Understanding – I make a point of really listening to clients and tutors to grasp what they are saying so I can provide the appropriate solutions.

Curiosity – I love to ask questions and seek out new ways of doing things.

Ingenuity – I am continuously evolving and adapting to a dynamic environment.

Ownership – The buck stops with me—I never make excuses and I am always looking for win-win solutions.

Grit – I persevere until success, every hour, every day, come what may, I know and believe what is beyond.

I subscribe to the philosophy that “All kids need is a little help, a little hope, and somebody who believes in them”.


TD: We love that! One last thing—what is your biggest piece of advice to prospective Tutor Doctor franchisees?

TB: It’s not easy, but it’s worth it! Prepare for a steep learning curve and enjoy the ride.


A big, Tutor Doctor thank you to Trevor Bailey for taking the time to tell us about his experience as an education franchise owner. Trevor, like many of our franchisees, has found both professional and personal fulfillment in his role as an education franchise owner. To hear more stories like Trevor’s, browse our blog.

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