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Top 5 Reasons the Tutoring Industry is More Resilient to Labor Shortages

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January 7, 2022

The tutoring industry is a thriving education sub-sector, thanks to the outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic. It is now a time-tested solution to the challenge of social distancing in schools. Based on projections, global tutoring will hit an estimated value of $201.8 billion by 2026.

Tutoring has a massive boost from virtual learning tools, language apps, and affordable internet connectivity. The tutoring market is still expanding and will remain essential in supporting students to achieve academic goals. 

If you are new to tutoring, read on.

You will discover the top five reasons why tutoring is here to stay. Plus, if you are a tutor, these reasons highlight why the industry is resilient to job shortages.

1. Personalized Approach to Learning

Tutoring is a personalized system involving one-to-one interaction between the tutor and the learner. Based on your child’s personality and learning styles, the system helps match them to the right tutor.

Besides, the tutors can assess the learning needs of each student and customize the teaching method to meet academic requirements. Whether the student requires remediation skills or extra input, tutors can give individualized instructions. Therefore, the student remains engaged in learning and builds confidence.

For example, during competitive examinations like SAT, learners benefit from courseware libraries and exam-oriented preparation.

2. Eliminates Geographical Barriers

Tutoring has no physical barriers, thanks to technology. If you cannot attend physical learning sessions, you can still sign up for virtual lessons. Through online tutoring, the learner has access to unlimited learning resources, including tutors from different countries worldwide.

Video conferencing, for instance, allows tutors to offer services across different states and the entire world. Using screen share capability, tutors can share assignments and lesson plans with students miles away.

In response to the first lockdown in 2020, Tutor Doctor introduced the global tutor share program - an international network of specialist tutors from all over the world devoted to helping enrich the educational journey of our students. Today, we have 130 of our franchisees and over 350 tutors involved in actively supporting students as they return to the classroom and catch up on their lost learning as a result of the pandemic.


3. Bridges Learning Gaps in Schools

Tutoring helps bridge the learning gaps witnessed in in-person learning. For instance, the disruption of academic calendars makes it hard to complete the curriculum. As a result, there will be unfinished sections of the planned school curriculum.

Additionally, students respond differently to interruptions in school programs. While others may catch up quickly, others find it hard to be on the same level as other learners. Tutoring, therefore, allows learners to make up for missed lessons.


4. Flexibility

Tutors can set their own schedules, choose which age group they’d like to work with, which clients they take on, and can work around what they feel is important in their life. Many tutors have other full-time jobs or are in school and do tutoring part-time. Since tutoring is scalable, a tutor can work full-time hours if they choose to.


5. Imparts Life Skills

In mainstream learning, all students sit together in a formal class, and learning takes place under strict education policies. Teachers follow a rigorous curriculum that may not accommodate basic life skills.

However, tutoring is customizable to accommodate global demand for basic life skills. For example, Tutor Doctor offers the X-Skills program that develops students’ executive functioning skills during tutoring.


Are You Ready to Open a Tutoring Franchise?

Personalized tutoring is the most effective solution to the challenge of frequent school interruptions. It eliminates geographical barriers using virtual learning tools, bridges learning gaps, and is cost-effective. The tutoring model also offers a personalized learning approach that focuses on the learner’s needs.

Are you looking for tutoring? Or would you wish to open a Tutor Doctor franchise? Call the experts. Tutor Doctor can help you own a franchise using the work-from-home, low-cost model. You can choose a local territory or set up multiple domains from different locations.


To get started, contact us.





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