How Your Tutor Doctor Franchise Can Be a Family Business

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February 4, 2021

For many aspiring entrepreneurs, the dream of owning a family business ignites their interest in franchising. Tutor Doctor gives you the opportunity to start a franchise with proven systems and unmatched support that can turn into family business. Learn how you can create a lasting legacy that works for your goals and your family.  

Working with Your Family

Owning your own Tutor Doctor gives you the opportunity to work with your family and make your tutoring franchise a family business. Depending on the skills of your children or relatives, they could be in charge of marketing, sales or human resources.

One way you can work with your family is to hire them as tutors for your business. Maybe your kid is an English undergrad with the skillset to tutor high school students. Or maybe you have a niece or nephew with a lot of science education who has the patience to work with younger students. Or maybe you have a sibling with a background in teaching who stepped away to raise kids and is ready to join an education-related franchise. In each of these scenarios, you could work with your family members and build a family business.


Franchising with Your Family

Some Tutor Doctor franchisees don’t want to make the leap to tutoring franchise ownership on their own; instead, they choose to franchise with a family member. We are proud to boast several husband and wife teams within our system and siblings often make great business partners. As you start exploring education-related franchises, check in with your spouse, sibling or most-trusted relative and find out if they are ready to reap the rewards of owning their own business. You could join Tutor Doctor’s ranks as a dynamic duo, bringing a new family business to your own community.

Building Your Business as a Family Legacy

Even if your kids aren’t quite old enough to know that they one day want to own an education-related franchise, owning a Tutor Doctor franchise is a way for you to build a family legacy. Watching you build a business, with the help of Tutor Doctor’s proven system, will provide your kids with entrepreneurial skills to utilize in any aspect of their lives. Curiosity, understanding and grit are all Tutor Doctor values that benefit us all — including the kiddos who are looking to you for guidance and life lessons.


Plus, you never know. Maybe your kids will want to take on your Tutor Doctor franchise and continue the work you started of making a difference in the lives of students in your community. Sure, any business is a legacy that can be passed down, but the commitment Tutor Doctor has to success and helping others are also a legacy to instill in your children.


Are you — and your family — ready for franchise ownership? If so, reach out the Tutor Doctor franchise development team for more information.


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