How Technology is Used in the Tutoring Business

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April 1, 2021

When COVID hit, many franchises had to rethink the structure of their business to survive the challenging times ahead. Franchises that were able to pivot quickly have benefitted from the adaptability of their business model.

The pandemic has changed the consumer demand in industries across the board. Restaurants are creating apps to streamline their takeout process. Gyms are creating content to hold online classes. Due to the nature of social distancing, a lot of these innovations rely on technology to keep customers engaged.


The tutoring industry has also seen a huge shift. Technology is more important than ever, and businesses that can’t keep up could be left behind. Over the course of the last year, virtual learning has become the new medium of schooling. From public schools to universities, students everywhere have become accustomed to classes over the computer. Tutoring businesses have been challenged to meet students where they are.


At Tutor Doctor, we’re committed to using ingenuity to provide better services that empower our students and strengthen our franchise system. We’ve spent the last year fine tuning our technology to best meet the needs of our education franchise and adjusting our approach to make the best out of a less than ideal situation.


Read on to learn about how demand has changed within the tutoring business and what Tutor Doctor has done to meet those demands.

Online Tutoring


Many students are still participating in the virtual learning model instead of in-person learning. For a lot of students, this means they’re unable to get the individual attention they need to thrive in their classes. With dozens of other students crammed into an instructor’s computer screen, these students’ struggles can go unnoticed.


Online tutoring is an excellent solution for students seeking individualized attention in a safe environment. Our franchisees were uniquely prepared for this shift in demand with online tutoring capabilities built into our system.


While some states and countries are easing restrictions, many parents still opt for online tutoring because of the ease of scheduling. Students get the same one-to-one attention, but are able to access tutors from the comfort of their own homes.


Tutor Share Program


A huge benefit of the online learning model is the ability to connect no matter the distance. Students who may not have had access to tutoring because of where they live can now use online tutoring to get the help they need.


Online tutoring opened up even more possibilities for our education franchise, in particular. In 2020, we launched the Tutor Share Program. This allowed franchisees to match qualified tutors with students no matter where they are at in the world. Not only did this help to create more work for tutors when they needed it most, but it also has also allowed franchisees to expand their businesses.


The Tutor Share Program also helps franchisees ensure they’re enlisting in the best tutor to meet a particular student’s needs because it widens the pool of tutors.


Pod Tutoring


During the past year, many students have suffered from isolation from their peers. While many students still prefer our traditional one-to-one model, others love the opportunity to engage with others. In a world where social distancing is the norm, tutoring businesses have had to come up with ways to create a sense of togetherness.


In pod tutoring, a single tutor works with a small group of students in the same grade with the same curriculum. This type of tutoring still gives students individualized attention, but also enables them to problem solve and connect with their peers.


Pod tutoring also presents opportunities for our franchisees to maximize their tutors time and fit more students into their schedules.


Homework Club


With the lack of in-person afterschool programs, many students are in need of alternative ways to receive help with their homework. Not only do these types of programs benefit students who are struggling in certain subjects, but they also help those who need an accountability partner.


Homework club is a great tutoring solution for Tutor Doctor students who need a little extra help getting through their assignments. This group session also keeps students accountable for their homework. The reduced cost of pod tutoring and homework club sessions helps families looking for affordable tutoring solutions.


Both homework club and pod tutoring are conducted virtually, making it easy for students to join from wherever they are.


The Future of the Tutoring Business

As the world attempts to return to a sense of normalcy, there are many changes to the tutoring business that we think are here to stay. Virtual tutoring will continue to be an option for our franchisees, enabling them to expand their service offerings and reach more students in their community.


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