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How Do Franchisors Support Franchisees?

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September 25, 2023

Stepping into a new business venture can be as nerve-wracking as it is exhilarating. Many questions will swirl around your mind. Will you be successful? How does a franchise work? Will you find enough clients to get your business off the ground? What happens if another COVID-19 situation comes along? 

These are all-natural and wise questions to ask yourself. But with Tutor Doctor, you’re never alone. We’ll set you on the path to success from the start and be with you every exciting and rewarding step of the way. Let’s explore the many ways we help our franchisees to thrive. 

Comprehensive Onboarding Process

Tutor Doctor has refined a comprehensive onboarding process that is proven to work time and time again. Our franchisees, full of enthusiasm and passion, find themselves operational in as little as 60 days. This accelerated timeline is all down to our commitment from day one. 

Your journey begins with a welcome call, introducing you to your Launch Support Specialist. Your dedicated business coach is so important during your first year, providing assistance in how to set goals, market your business, recruit the best tutors and attract students. 

In-Depth Training

Our immersive six-week online training programme is designed by our experts and offers a detailed look into the proven Tutor Doctor business model. You’ll explore everything a Tutor Doctor franchise has to offer, from marketing and sales to finance and managing your tutor team. 

You’ll also be invited to join engaging hands-on training via Zoom. Here, alongside your fellow franchisees, you’ll encounter real-world scenarios and benefit from the experience of some of our highly experienced training managers.  

Robust Sales Support

Every business thrives on sales. We’ll ensure you are fully primed in this area so that you can welcome new students and tutors frequently and achieve your goals. 

We recognise the potential challenges you may face, especially when you first launch your business. That’s why we provide intensive one-to-one sales business coaching during your first few months to keep you on track with your sales strategies. And don’t worry. You won’t be cold-calling or using any spammy sales techniques. We have a tried and tested sales and marketing model that is easy to follow and use. 

Boost Your Online Presence

Of course, in today’s connected world, it’s vital that you have an online presence. As a new and valued franchisee, we’ll provide you with your own webpage. Built with the latest search engine optimisation technology, your website will be the first port of call for many potential clients, ensuring your services can be found by people looking for a tutor in your area. 

Community Engagement

Local community engagement is one of the most valuable ways to market your business and build your brand. Through our tailored training, you’ll be introduced to the art of local marketing. From event marketing at local fairs or school events to creating strategic partnerships with local schools and businesses, there are many ways to raise brand awareness and create genuine, lasting relationships. 

Guided Business Launch

The first 90 days of a business launch are usually a whirlwind of activity, setting you on course for your franchise’s future. But don’t worry, you won’t do it alone. You’ll have your business coach by your side. Working closely with you, they will ensure you attract the right customer base, get your marketing right and get your community engagement strategy off to a flying start. 

Post-Year Support

The first year of being a Tutor Doctor franchisee is sure to fly by. When you hit that one-year milestone, it’s a great time to review your business and work out whether you need help in any areas. For example, you might want specific, targeted help or comprehensive support throughout your business. With services like Specialist Support and our Active Coaching Program, we can cater to your every need. 

From Startup to Standout: Our Commitment to Your Success

Our extensive support network, experienced mentors, and community of fellow franchisees will ensure you are poised for success from the start. From launch to long-term growth, you’ll never be navigating the waters of starting a new franchise alone. Explore our franchise opportunity today and discover where Tutor Doctor could take you.

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