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Franchisee vs Franchisor: A Symbiotic Relationship

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March 13, 2023

Teamwork is a crucial part of running a business effectively. That's why the franchisee and franchisor relationship is so beneficial!


Leveraging a larger team with many resources can be helpful, especially when first starting a business. Franchising is the perfect way to start as you work with the franchisor to launch and sustain your business.


Tutor Doctor’s franchise model encompasses more than 700 units across 16 countries today. Since its adoption in 2003, our award-winning tutoring franchise has enabled many tutors to realize entrepreneurial success in the world of in-person and online tutoring services and has helped hundreds of thousands of students in the process.


As a Tutor Doctor franchisee, you benefit from being part of one of the fastest-growing education franchises in a high-demand niche and opportunities for recurring revenue streams. Here is an overview of the symbiotic relationship between franchisee and franchisor and how it benefits both parties as a proven business model.


Franchisee vs Franchisor – What’s the Difference?

As the franchisor, Tutor Doctor sells its franchisees the rights to use the name, branding and processes. The franchisor also sells you the rights to certain territories you can operate in and supports franchisees as needed.


As a franchisee, you purchase a license to use the franchisor's branding, operations and ability to carry out business within your territory. You are also responsible for carrying out day-to-day operations and building the success of your local business.


For a franchise model to work for the benefit of both parties, the franchisor and franchisee must work together to fulfil each of their roles according to the franchise agreement.


The Beneficial Interplay between Franchisor and Franchisee

One of the primary roles of the franchisor is to establish the formula for running the business and educate the franchisee on the workings of the business model. As the franchisor, Tutor Doctor provides information about the franchise and comprehensive training to allow you to manage a team of in-person and online tutors capable of tutoring learners of all levels. You don’t need home tutoring or education experience to own a Tutor Doctor franchise.


Tutor Doctor also offers ongoing mentorship and helps you, as the franchisee, grow and develop your business. The ongoing support that you receive following training includes a student enrollment system, regular business coaching, operational and consultation materials, tutor orientation and management systems, and a network of like-minded franchisees who have been in your position.


The franchisor also provides the necessary tools to allow the franchisee to successfully operate the business, resulting in low overhead costs and inventory. Our partnership with software provider Bramble can help your tutors carry out tailored tutoring sessions virtually.


This vital tool utilizes a unique study model to address every learner’s style and improves their performance and learning skills. It enables you to provide personalized tutoring services that enhance your clients’ curricular performance. You can incorporate Tutor Doctor’s program into your tutoring to provide a positive customer experience.


On the other hand, the primary role of the franchisee is to run the franchise with the franchisor’s support and based on the established operational systems. You are tasked with the day-to-day activities, growth, and development of the franchise. As such, you play a crucial role in the overall success of not only your local Tutor Doctor location but also Tutor Doctor as a brand.


You independently make business decisions that contribute to the success of your business. This may include tutor recruitment, scheduling tutor working hours, student enrollment, gathering Google reviews, setting business targets, and more.


While Tutor Doctor can provide coaching and advice in some of these aspects, the primary decisions are left to the franchisee. For instance, if you wish to tutor as many students as possible and expand your business, Tutor Doctor’s model offers territory options that allow you to do so. After all, our mission is to change the trajectory of our students’ lives. With the growth of your local business, you can do just that!


Working Together as A Franchisor and Franchisee

Overall, as a Tutor Doctor franchisee, the relationship with the franchisor is highly beneficial for all involved parties. Tutor Doctor aims to provide people-oriented, flexible, and motivated entrepreneurs with the tools necessary to provide high-quality tutoring services.


The franchisee/franchisor relationship offers aspiring entrepreneurs supported access into a high-demand industry where they can make a difference in their community while contributing to one of the world's fastest-growing home-based tutoring franchises. The services your business offers based on our proven model help students of all ages worldwide succeed while offering a recurrent revenue stream, flexibility and opportunities for expansion.


Are you interested in starting your own business that allows you freedom and flexibility? Learn more about owning a Tutor Doctor franchise to see if it’s the right fit for you!

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