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Community Marketing: Tutor Doctor’s Secrets to a Running a Successful Education Franchise

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August 31, 2022

It's one thing to offer tutoring services to students in your town, and it's something else entirely to be viewed as a pillar of that community. On the one hand, you're one business among many that may or may not fulfill the needs of the local populace. On the other, you've earned the respect of young and old, and your presence at events makes people proud of the community. How can you bridge the divide between these two scenarios? 

"Community marketing" aims to establish your business as an essential and valued part of your neighborhood or town. Not only is this an achievable goal, but it's a pathway to ongoing revenue for your organization.


Let's look at some marketing secrets, along with examples, of ways you can run a successful Tutor Doctor Franchise.


Secret #1: Identify Needs in a Community and Provide Solutions

When you meet a desperate need in your community, you establish your business as a frontline organization that can step in to help.

Two Tutor Doctor franchises in Winchester and Southampton, UK, did just that when Ukrainian refugees streamed into their communities. Suzie Boon of Tutor Doctor Winchester and Adie Twining of Tutor Doctor Central Southampton and Salisbury teamed up to conduct free, 90-minute classes for Ukrainian children as they prepared to start school in the UK. Not only did Boon and Twining create priceless connections with other members of the community, but they also strengthened their positions while providing an incredibly valuable service to people in need.


Secret #2: Be the Go-To Resource for Academic Support

Different times have different challenges, and you'll be seen as a vital resource if you can respond to current needs.

For instance, the COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictive policies of the last two years have caused some students to fall behind. Tutor Doctor business owner Jagdeep Dhillon recognized this problem and is working to forge strong relationships with local schools to address troubling learning gaps. His enthusiasm is contagious: “I’m already getting enquiries from people who are passionate about joining the team!” he told What Franchise

Like Dhillon, you can be a visionary in your community. Tutor Doctor takes pride in the high quality of service and educational support we provide to families. We are recognized as a brand with a strong sense of purpose in the education space thanks to our talented tutors and tailored support.


Secret #3: Build Partnerships With Local Schools and Businesses

Most schools have more work than they can handle, especially since the pandemic. Unfortunately, they often don't have the resources to offer as much one-on-one tutoring as students require.

When you visit schools, you can create partnerships with teachers and administrators to help fill the gaps. Whether you're talking with administrators in their offices or teaching a group of students how to study better for tests, you're creating relationships and helping people know that you're a community resource that's here to stay.


Be an Integral Part of Your Community

Advertising sometimes feels like a waste of time and energy, but community marketing is completely different. Not only are you helping others to learn about your business, but you're making a real difference in the lives of your friends and neighbors.

For more information about Tutor Doctor franchises, reach out to us or learn more on our blog. Talk soon!


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