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4 Reasons Why These Franchisees Invested In Tutor Doctor

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March 25, 2022

Investing in a well-designed franchise system offers a safe and proven path to owning a profitable business. This leads to the question “Which franchise company should I invest with?” The answer depends on what factors are most important to you. Many of our franchisees today were asking themselves the same question at some point before joining the Tutor Doctor network. 

Here are some reasons why our franchisees decided to invest in a Tutor Doctor franchise that may resonate with other aspiring business owners. 


Many Tutor Doctor franchisees wanted to own a business that offers flexibility and control over their lifestyle. A Tutor Doctor franchise can be managed from home and does not require a physical location to operate. This eliminates the commuting time and costs and allows you to finetune your schedule to suit your requirements. Those with families, such as Kim Rohr from Gateway, AZ, find this quality to be life-changing. She told us “I want to stay in a place where I can decide when I want to go on vacation. I can take my work with me. If I want to, I can show up to every track meet. I can be present with my family when I want to. Maybe that means working at midnight until midnight some days, but I get to decide what that looks like.” 

Tejal Mali from Edmonton, AB shared a similar sentiment “I wanted to have a career but maintain the balance and flexibility I needed in my schedule to be a mom. After researching the franchise, I felt being a Tutor Doctor franchisee would allow me to grow a business and work from home, while also providing the flexibility to make my own hours and be able to raise my kids.” The flexibility you will get from running a tutoring business from home will allow you to fulfill your family’s needs and commitments.


A Need for Tutoring Support in the Community

Several Tutor Doctor franchisees are parents themselves, who were once in the same shoes as the clients they serve today. When children fall behind in school or struggle to grasp certain concepts, finding the right tutor can be a challenge. This challenge led Diane Wilson from Sudbury, Ontario, to sign on as a franchisee more than 12 years ago. “Our oldest daughter was struggling in physics, and we were unable to find her a tutor. My husband and I then realized that if we were having trouble finding a tutor for our child, many other parents out there were probably in the same situation” shared Diane. 

Across the globe in Pretoria, South Africa, Clive Robinson experienced the same feeling "What drew me to Tutor Doctor is the great need for one-to-one tutoring in South Africa and the unique, caring approach that the brand brings to its clients. It is very different compared to other options in the country," said Robinson. "I have a son who has struggled with school, and we have walked the journey of tutoring. So, as a parent, I appreciate what Tutor Doctor offers and the way we offer it." 

With the harm caused by the months of school closures, the need for tutoring is becoming ever clearer. In America, students are behind by an average of five months in math, and four months in reading, according to McKinsey.


A Strong Brand Image

The benefit of investing in a Tutor Doctor franchise is our strong brand recognition, which carries a lot of weight within the tutoring industry. For many franchisees, it is reassuring to buy a business that is already established, as it allows them to get a head start. 

Deaglan Furey from Bromley, UK was already a successful entrepreneur before he joined the Tutor Doctor family. He shares “I had several years of business experience, and I knew Tutor Doctor’s model. I had seen them work quite effectively over the years and saw the brand accelerate quite drastically. It had expanded to 15 countries and its steady and sustainable growth through the years made it an attractive option as a business investment.” 

People tend to go with recognized brands that have a strong sense of purpose, as they will trust the service and its quality. Tutor Doctor franchisees know they won’t be building up brand awareness from scratch.



The phrase “Do what you love, and the money will follow” is one we have heard many times. Although there is much more to it than that, many of Tutor Doctor’s top franchisees would agree that their passion is a driving factor in their success.

Many franchisees had a background in education before opening their business. Gary Bigelow from Newcastle, Australia, wanted to make a positive impact in his community. “As I spent two years tutoring math, when I left school and started my engineering degree, I was familiar with the valuable contribution tutoring makes to families and the community at large,” Gary says. “My wife and I quickly understood the model and other franchisees validated the business case. The decision was then easy.”

In Alejandro Agudelo’s case, he had experienced the difference tutoring made as a child first hand. He says “Since my elementary school years, our family has had academic support from specialized tutors in psychopedagogy who greatly influenced my inclination towards individualized education. These tutors were also immigrants from Chile and when we arrived in Colombia I felt I identified with their childhood experience”. This was a motivating factor that led him to open his franchise location in Columbia.


Whether you’re someone who is seeking to become a business owner for the first time or an experienced entrepreneur seeking to diversify your income stream, there is a strong chance that there is a franchisee in Tutor Doctor’s growing network whose story you may resonate with. Check out our blog to read more Tutor Doctor franchisee success stories. To learn more about Tutor Doctor’s franchise opportunities, click here.

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